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  • Korak 2: Upgrade Options
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Updating Your SMF Installation!

Thank you for choosing to upgrade to SMF 2.1.2. All files appear to be in place and the upgrade can now proceed.


It looks as if your forum directory settings might be incorrect. Your forum directory is currently set to "/home/branewe9/www/", but should probably be "/home/branewe9/public_html/". Settings.php currently lists your paths as:
  • Forum Directory: /home/branewe9/www/
  • Source Directory: /home/branewe9/www/
  • Cache Directory: /home/branewe9/www/
If these seem incorrect please open Settings.php in a text editor before proceeding with this upgrade. If they are incorrect due to you moving your forum to a new location please download and execute the Repair Settings tool from the Simple Machines website before continuing.
Admin Login:

For security purposes please login with your admin account to proceed with the upgrade.

Note: If necessary, the above security check can be bypassed for users who may administrate a server, but may not have admin rights on the forum. In order to bypass the above check, simply open "upgrade.php" in a text editor and replace "$disable_security = false;" with "$disable_security = true;" and refresh this page.